I am running for Metro Council because I am not a politician.  I am an American citizen who is perceives that the spectrum political discourse in this country needs to be radically broader than it is.  While our politicians and our mass media prattle on as if the way things are is basically the way things ought to be, a number of “inconvenient truths”  (Thank you, Al Gore!), although excluded from political discussion, threaten to overwhelm our society and severely impact our lives and our way of life.  If we fail to use government as a tool to meet these challenges and adapt to them, we will leave our children and grandchildren a very dangerous, difficult world, and they will say to us, “you knew this would happen if you did nothing, and yet you did nothing.  What were you thinking?”


My intention with this campaign is to bring the challenges of these “inconvenient truths” into the discussion, and to propose ways to adapt to the new reality that is dawning in  America, and the whole world.  I am much more interested in seeing these challenges acknowledged, discussed, and met than I am in being elected.  If other candidates adopt all my ideas, and work to implement them, I will be satisfied.


About brothermartin

i am an unrepentant hippie a born-again Buddhist an activist whose concerns span social justice, economic justice,ecology, climate change, peak oil, and how to break open America's fatally flawed two-party system an ecstatic musician a good listener a slow talker a great-grandfather deeply concerned about the fate of the world
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