skulldollar copyMoney has poisoned our political system.

Recently, I was talking a woman who is active in Metro politics, and suggested that she run for Mayor.

“Got a million dollars?” she replied.  “It takes a million dollars to run for Mayor in this town.”

Politics ought to be about ideas and accomplishments, not about who can afford the most publicity.  All I can do about this situation, as a candidate, is be a “conscientious objector”:  refuse to raise money for my campaign.

What would I do with money, anyway?My message is complex enough to be difficult to translate into the kind of “sound bites” that radio, TV, and newspapers demand. Why would a conservation-minded candidate like me spend money on plastic yard signs?  There’s too much plastic in the world already.  If you support my candidacy, please get in the spirit of my campaign and get creative and connective.  Make your own yard sign. Talk with your friends. Invite me to come talk with you and your friends. If you like what I’m saying enough that you’d give me money if I’d take it, find a way to spend your money to spread these ideas yourself.  You’re welcome to print any of my writing and pass it out. If you are so excited about my candidacy that you want to form a campaign committee, I would consider co-operating with you–but we’d have to talk.

I can’t say it often enough–my campaign is about spreading ideas, not my personal rise to power.  I’m old enough to be getting to the point where I’d rather be retired than in the public eye, but the state of the Nashville and the nation is such that I cannot rest easy. The point of what I’m saying is not “elect me,” but “If the human race, and complex life on the planet in general, is going to have much of a future, a whole lot of us humans are going to have to ‘get it’ and act on what we understand.”  I’m sure there are younger, more energetic people who could put these ideas into practice better than I could.  I’m just in this race to get the conversation going.


About brothermartin

i am an unrepentant hippie a born-again Buddhist an activist whose concerns span social justice, economic justice,ecology, climate change, peak oil, and how to break open America's fatally flawed two-party system an ecstatic musician a good listener a slow talker a great-grandfather deeply concerned about the fate of the world
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