The election results are in, and I’d like to thank the 2,239 Nashville voters who got my message. I came in second to last, which did not surprise me. I had no campaign committee and no money to spend. My platform does not reduce to easy sound bites, and it calls on people to re-examine their fundamental beliefs about political, economic, and social reality. That’s never an easy sell.

I’d also like to thank the 8,490 people who voted for my Green Party colleague, Elizabeth Dachowski. I’m very curious to see if we can figure out why she outpolled me by nearly 4 to 1! Congratulations, Elizabeth!

I regard this as a first attempt. I ran for Metro Council because I feel the Council needs somebody who takes the long, broad view, and that’s how I look at things. The world/local conditions that inspired me to undertake this campaign are only going to become more apparent to more people. I’ll be back.


About brothermartin

i am an unrepentant hippie a born-again Buddhist an activist whose concerns span social justice, economic justice,ecology, climate change, peak oil, and how to break open America's fatally flawed two-party system an ecstatic musician a good listener a slow talker a great-grandfather deeply concerned about the fate of the world
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